JESUS in Home, Home in CHRIST. 


Dear Friends: 

Thanks for visiting us. I hope you will find God and His Presence in this home site as you click through the pages. 

God's love draws us closer to Him. HE is living in my home and also yours. Many times we are just "blind" or insensitive to His indwelling. If we were, we would have more peaceful and joyful moments. No matter whether we see HIS Presence or not, God is right here with us. No matter whether we feel HIS Presence or not, HE is right here in our hearts.  

A new family is started when a man and a woman is falling in love with each other. So a new home starts with love. Unfortunately, in this fallen world, our love changes and decays. We are distracted into different directions and are so busy with many kinds of things in our homes. The pace of our life seems to get faster and faster. Without seeing God's presence, our life would be hopeless. It is God who initially founded the first home - Adam and Eve. It is HE who united them and built the first family on earth. However this first family on earth was fallen. Since then conflicts and struggle never stop at homes. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came and saved us. HE is the cornerstone of our homes. Without His salvation our homes would be hopeless. It is HE who restored us and our homes. Let us learn to find hope in Him, and to find true security in Him. Let us rest in Him. 

This is my prayer for you. May you find GOD and HIS love and presence in your home. May you grow in your faith and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. May you live out your faith and practice what you believe in your home. May your home be used as a lighthouse to light up your neighborhood and transform other homes in your community. May you magnify His Glory in your home and neighborhood. May you rejoice in His presence and praise Him constantly. 

In our Lord Jesus Christ,
+ Michael
        a servant of HIM
Remain in me, and I will remain in you.
John 15:4 (NIV)
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